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Security Policy

Full details of the Automattic Security Policy can be found on automattic.com.

Supported Versions

Generally, only the latest version of the ActivityPub plugin has continued support. If a critical vulnerability is found in the current version of the ActivityPub plugin, we may opt to backport any patches to previous versions.

Reporting a Vulnerability

ActivityPub is an open-source plugin for WordPress. Our HackerOne program covers the plugin software, as well as a variety of related projects and infrastructure.

For responsible disclosure of security issues and to be eligible for our bug bounty program, please submit your report via the HackerOne portal.

Our most critical targets are:

  • ActivityPub plugin (all within this repo)
  • wordpress.com -- hosted ActivityPub offering on WordPress.com.

For more targets, see the In Scope section on HackerOne.

Please note that the WordPress software is a separate entity from Automattic. Please report vulnerabilities for WordPress through the WordPress Foundation's HackerOne page.


We're committed to working with security researchers to resolve the vulnerabilities they discover. You can help us by following these guidelines:

  • Follow HackerOne's disclosure guidelines.
  • Pen-testing Production:
    • Please setup a local environment instead whenever possible. Most of our code is open source (see above).
    • If that's not possible, limit any data access/modification to the bare minimum necessary to reproduce a PoC.
    • Don't automate form submissions! That's very annoying for us, because it adds extra work for the volunteers who manage those systems, and reduces the signal/noise ratio in our communication channels.
    • To be eligible for a bounty, all of these guidelines must be followed.
  • Be Patient - Give us a reasonable time to correct the issue before you disclose the vulnerability.

We also expect you to comply with all applicable laws. You're responsible to pay any taxes associated with your bounties.