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Federation in WordPress

The WordPress plugin largely follows ActivityPub's server-to-server specification, but makes use of some non-standard extensions, some of which are required to interact with the plugin. Most of these extensions are for the purpose of compatibility with other, sometimes very restrictive networks, such as Mastodon.

Supported federation protocols and standards

Supported FEPs

Partially supported FEPs


HTTP Signatures

In order to authenticate activities, Mastodon relies on HTTP Signatures, signing every POST and GET request to other ActivityPub implementations on behalf of the user authoring an activity (for POST requests) or an actor representing the Mastodon server itself (for most GET requests).

Mastodon requires all POST requests to be signed, and MAY require GET requests to be signed, depending on the configuration of the Mastodon server.

More information on HTTP Signatures, as well as examples, can be found here: https://docs.joinmastodon.org/spec/security/#http

Additional documentation