Event Extensions for the WordPress ActivityPub plugin https://event-federation.eu
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This is a WordPress plugin improves the Fediverse integration of Events via the WordPress ActivityPub plugin.

NOTE: This is still pre-alpha. It is not more than a skeleton/playground. Things change rapidly. Please contact us, instead of trying it out yourself at this time.

For more information checkout our website https://event-federation.eu/. You can follow updates via RSS or ActivityPub: @blog@event-federation.eu.


  • Proper ActivityPub (JSON-LD) representation of events within WordPress
  • Improving the setup and configuration workflow of ActivityPub
  • Researching/Implementing federated RSVP/attendee management

Supported Event Plugins

Events plugin that will be supported at first:


Your event plugin:

  • Contact us, if you want to see your event plugin on the list.